Project Description
DES is an attempt to create a WCF based co-operative .NET execution environment. .NET Clients request the DES (a set of connected servers) to execute a task. DES executes the task in one of the DES server oblivious to the requesting client; load balanced with result routing.

Some of the core features of the system :
1.) Isolated and secured execution of the .NET client task
2.) No centralized server - all server work in a co-operative manner
3.) Connection between servers/topology specified using configuration files.
4.) Auto-load balanced servers
5.) Result Re-Routing to the task originating server.
6.) Client task result pushed to a MSMQ endpoint in this version.
7.) Simple design of the server system.

Release 2 released!
Core enhancements : introduction of child tasks & collection gate, refactoring, design changes etc

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